Think With WP is a website that provides free WordPress website tutorials and resource sharing. It is suitable for beginners with zero-based code.

I did not understand in-depth programming knowledge. When I was learning to build a website, I accidentally found a video tutorial, it mainly talked about building a website using a table layout, I didn’t know anything about website knowledge at that time, so I follow the videos to learn, but until half of a month later I knew that it was an outdated technology, while HTML+CSS is currently the mainstream.

So I bought books and various tutorials and spent about three months learning it. During this period, I also had other confusions: how can I modify this data from the back end? How can I make the website more cool? Later, I learned that HTML and CSS are just basic knowledge of the web front end. It is not enough to only learn these things. If I want to thoroughly master how to build websites, I must also be proficient in various programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, etc, so when is the end?

In 2012, I happened to know Joomla and WordPress. I heard that Joomla was suitable for professional websites and WordPress was suitable for personal blogs, so I tried to use Joomla, it was too difficult for me who didn’t understand the code, incompatibility between different versions resulted in various errors in the installation of the template, and finally I gave up after trying many times.

Later I continued to learn WordPress. I knew that WordPress was originally developed for the blog, but now it can also be used to build professional websites and e-commerce websites. There are many beautiful themes and useful plugins, this made me very excited. Then I tried to use WordPress to build my website and found WordPress is very powerful, easy to use, and does not require professional coding knowledge, I barely encountered any problems, this is just what I want!

Finally, through my experience in building websites, I would like to tell you that making a website does not require professional code knowledge or design. I share my experience with you and avoid spending much time as me.

Think With WP regularly shares some of Wrodpress’s tutorials and other website optimization knowledge. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, I will reply asap.