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Best Web Hosting vs WordPress Hosting for Small Business 2018

Web Hosting vs WordPress Hosting, Which One Should I Use

Before knowing which one is better, let’s learn what’s the difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting.

What is a Web Hosting

Just as the name suggests, a web hosting is a remote server that allows you build all kinds of web applications like websites, online games, videos and so on.

Web hosting has many types including:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Clould Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

What is a WordPress Hosting

WordPress is just a CMS, and it can be installed and run on any hosting. Almost every hosting provider provides One click WordPress installer, so every hosting company can call it WordPress hosting.

Here, the WordPress Hosting is refer to Managed WordPress Hosting, it’s a special web hosting for optimizing WordPress only. It’s a luxury hosting plan that allow you to get more traffic.

WordPress Hosting is more like a marketing method, the reason is that WordPress is very popular, well-known, and easy to use, most of people choose WordPress to build their own website.

Below are the best Web hosting and WordPress hosting companies.

Best Web Hosting For Small Business

  • A2 Hosting – One of the fastest SSD hosting, Anytime Money Back Guarantee.
  • Bluehost – One of the most well-known web hosting, including a free domain.
  • Hostinger – The most cheapest SSD web and hosting, including a free domain with annual plan.
  • InMotion hosting – Including a free domain, SSD Storage
  • Siteground Hosting – SSD Storage and Free SSL Certificate.

Best WordPress Hosting (Managed & Shared)

  • A2 Hosting – One of the fastest Shared SSD WordPress hosting, starting at $3.92, Anytime Money Back Guarantee.
  • Bluehost – (Managed) One of the most well-known web hosting, 30GB storage, starting at $19.99, including a free domain and SSL.
  • Hostinger – The most cheapest Unlimited SSD WordPress hosting, free domain and SSL included, starting at $2.15
  • InMotion Hosting(Managed) free domain included, SSD drive, Starting at $4.99
  • Siteground Hosting(Managed) SSD Storage and Free SSL Certificate, starting at $3.95

Personal Suggestion

For small business, you don’t need to choose Managed WordPress Hosting, the general web hosting (shared hosting) is enough.

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