how to reset wordpress password

Forgot Password? How to Reset WordPress Password in phpMyAdmin

This article will teach you how to reset WordPress password in phpMyadmin.

Sometimes you forgot WordPress password, WordPress provides a way to reset your password, you can click on Lost Your Password? in the login page, and enter your email address, and click on Get New Password, then WordPress will send you a link to your email, you can click the link to reset a new password, but what if you forgot your email address or WordPress cannot send emails.

Reset WordPress Password in phpMyAdmin

  1. By using this method, you need login to your Cpanel, find phpMyAdmin and click on it.login to cpanel
  2. Find the database name related to your WordPress website, and find the database table “wp_users” and click on it.reset wordpress password in phpmyadmin
    WordPress default database tables are all prefixed with “wp_”, yours may be different from the default, it could be “xxx_users”.
  3. Find your username and click on Edit.forgot wordpress password
  4. Find “user_pass”, click on the drop-down menu in Function line and select MD5, delete the old value, and enter your new password, then click “Go”.reset wordpress password in phpmyadmin

That’s it! You’re successful in recovering WordPress password.

You may wonder: Is MD5 encryption safe? Please don’t worry, WordPress will automatically enable the latest encryption when you login next time.

You can also change your WordPress username, display name, and user email address, etc.

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