How To Change WordPress Username in phpMyAdmin

When you try to change WordPress username in your profile page, you will find WordPress says “Usernames cannot be changed.” So what should we do? The answer is we can change wordpress username from phpMyAdmin.

Change WordPress Username from phpMyAdmin

  1. By using this method, you need login to your Cpanel, find phpMyAdmin and click on it.login to cpanel
  2. Find the database name related to your WordPress website, then find the database table “wp_users” and click on it. WordPress default database tables are all prefixed with “wp_”, yours may be different from the default, it could be “xxx_users”.change wordpress username in phpmyadmin
  3. Find your username and click on Edit.change wordpress admin name from phpmyadmin
  4. Find “user_login” and change your old username to a new one.change wordpress username from phpmyadmin
  5. Click on “Go” button at bottom right.

That’s it, You’re successful in changing WordPress username.

You can also recover a lost password, click on the drop-down menu, select MD5, delete the existing character string, and change it to your new password, then click Go.

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