change wordpress username

How To Change WordPress Username in phpMyAdmin

When you try to change WordPress username in your profile page, you will find WordPress says “Usernames cannot be changed.” So what should we do? The answer is we can change wordpress username from phpMyAdmin. Change WordPress Username from phpMyAdmin By using this method, you need login to your Cpanel, find phpMyAdmin and click on it. Find the database name …

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how to reset wordpress password

Forgot Password? How to Reset WordPress Password in phpMyAdmin

This article will teach you how to reset WordPress password in phpMyadmin. Sometimes you forgot WordPress password, WordPress provides a way to reset your password, you can click on Lost Your Password? in the login page, and enter your email address, and click on Get New Password, then WordPress will send you a link to your email, you can click …

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how to make a website

How To Make a Website With WordPress, Free Guide 2022

This guide is for beginners only, it’s suitable for those people who has no code knowledge and want to make a personal or business website. Teach you how to make a website – Free guide to create a website for beginners You may be wondering how to make a website without any code knowledge. I don’t even know how to …

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